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Updated: Jan 27, 2019

PMQ proudly announces to run a coffee market titled “The Coffee Agenda” for coffee aficionados and lifestyle enthusiasts in Hong Kong from 30 March, 2018 to 2 April, 2018. A crowd of coffee baristas and over 16 boutique coffee shops widely acclaimed by locals will gather to slow down the rapid pace of Hongkongers with their distinctive drinks. The focus lies on the participation of Bean Brothers, a fashionable Korean premium coffee brand that is introduced to Hong Kong for the first time, as local coffee enthusiasts will be able to taste the most distinctive coffees from both regions. Meanwhile, some coffee stalls will also offer Mini Tall size (60ml) coffee at the trial price of HK$20 for visitors to enjoy.

To draw further attention from the coffee lovers, Hong Kong Professional Coffee Association will invite the award-winning baristas of their newly completed competitions to share their coffee brewing skills in the event to promote the exchange of coffee culture and create a gathering point for all coffee lovers. Another highlight is the presence of a selection of coffee stalls from all around the world to showcase the exotic art of coffee. To explore more possibilities from coffee, PMQ also brings in more than 30 merchants to sell in their respective pastries, chocolates and other delicacies well matched with coffee, and even floral decorations and lifestyle products. In addition, a number of creative coffee-making related workshops will be held for the coffee lovers to enjoy the unique aroma and charisma of coffee.

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