BWT Vida Water Filter Jug, 2.6 Litre - White

  • Plus mineral magnesium: ion exchangers remove calcifying substances and heavy metals but put magnesium back in the water
  • Display shows when filter needs changing (Easy Control)
  • Fits into nearly all conventional refrigerators (Easy Fit)
  • Easy fill without splashing (Easy Fill)
  • Active carbon granules remove unwanted substances that affect the taste such as chlorine, lead and copper
  • Includes 1 x Mg2+ Longlife Cartridge (120 Litre)

Fits Brita and other water filtration systems
The BWT long-life cartridges fit the Brita water filtration system with Maxtra cartridges and many other cartridges from other manufacturers.

Creates a new impulse in the assortment: the Mg²+ innovation
The BWT table water filter is the perfect answer to the users requirements and breathes new life into the category in a fundamental way: through innovation.

  • The BWT filters differentiate themselves from those of other manufacturers with it's individual Mg²+ technology. The patented Mg²+ technology in BWT table water filtration systems keeps the magnesium present in water and puts back additional magnesium which is important for our anatomy.
  • For better, purer water with magnesium, without substances that disrupt and affect the taste (e.g. chlorine, copper, iron and organic materials)
  • For the best taste and a full tea and coffee aroma thanks to the patented Mg²+ technology.
  • Protects household appliances from limescale in the long-term and allows coffee and espresso machines as well as kettles to last longer
  • Better cooking results thanks to the clear, great tasting water
  • For a meaningful contribution to the environment by avoiding plastic bottles and by refilling with reusable filter cartridges

Taste the difference with these cartridges.

A multi-step filtration system:

  • A finely-woven fabric filter keeps particles from entering the water.
  • The active carbon granules absorb impurities and materials that affect the taste and odour of the water, e.g. chlorine.
  • The ion exchanger absorbs limescale and heavy metals and it puts magnesium and H+ ions back into the water.
  • The fine filter prevents particles from being discharged back into the filtered water

Three main arguments for magnesium:

  • Magnesium is a flavour carrier; it really brings out the flavours in tea and coffee. Tap water prepared using the BWT filter gets a fine and fresh taste. When cooking, the use of magnesium-rich water has a great affect on the flavour, as the magnesium ions in the filtered water prevent the food's minerals from escaping.
  • Magnesium has become a typically scarce mineral in our food chain. This comes as the result of our modern eating habits and of the fact that, by nature, more and more of the food we eat contains increasingly less magnesium. As a result, the daily recommended allowance is a considerable 300 mg - even higher in stressed situations.
  • Moreover, our own cells contain magnesium. Here, the mineral activates the enzyme system which is very important in energy production. A sufficient amount of magnesium in the body decisively benefits our physical as well as spiritual performance. On the other hand, if we lack magnesium we quickly become tired, tense, nervous and lack drive. As such, if you drink 4 glasses (0.25 L) that have been filtered using the BWT system every day, you are covering approx. 10 % of the recommended daily allowance of magnesium.

The number one in taste, tested by the Institute of FreseniusTest results confirm that cold and hot drinks that have been prepared using the BWT Mg2+ filter cartridges were preferred over tap water or regular water filters in sensory tests. Experience a new taste sensation for yourself. Innovation you can taste.

Box Contains
1 x BWT Vida Water Filter Jug 2.6L
1 x BWT Mg2+ Longlife Cartridge




型 號: VIDA 2.6L
容 量: 2.6 L
淨水容量: 1.4 L
總淨水量: 120 L
工作水溫: 4 - 40 ℃
產 地: 義大利

• 添加鎂離子,輕鬆補充礦物質
• 弱鹼性水質,口感甘甜更健康
• 100%德國原裝進口
• 獲2013年德國創新大獎,2014年紅點獎
• 國際食品級安全認證

BWT Mg2+ 鎂離子健康濾水壺
• 易掀蓋注水設計:手動打開注水口, 輕鬆加水
• 電子式濾芯更換顯示器:採用「使用期間」方式自動提示濾芯更換
• 易握式把手:方便使用拿取
• 加力式水喉:出水順暢又準確
• 流線型設計:可放置在冰箱飲料架上不佔空間又避免傾倒

BWT Vida Water Filter Jug, White 2.6 Litre with 1 x Mg2+ Longlife 120L Cartridge

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