Introducing the innovative BWT Long Life MG2+ Filter Cartridge that provides magnesium-rich drinking water.

The filter brings out the full aroma of tea and coffee, and its gourmet taste can also be enjoyed as pure water. A single cartridge filters around 20 more litres than conventional systems i.e. roughly 120 litres. This long life system means 120 bottles of water you don’t have to carry around or 120 fewer plastic bottles to dispose of.

In exchange with the calcium contained in the total hardness of your water, the BWT filters emit magnesium ions into water and thus producing particularly soft tasty water. Perfect for tea, coffee and daily drinking, these water filters are the first to not only filter tap water, but to mineralise it with the valuable mineral magnesium. Magnesium has the additional advantage of being good for bone and cell development, helping concentration and physical and mental performance.

Taste the difference with the Long Life MG2+ Filter Cartridges that provides aroma, clarity and flavour.

    BWT Magnesium Filter Cartridge Pack of 4

    SKU: 6

    • Specification:

      • 120 Litre capacity
      • Volume: 140ml
      • Patented BWT magnesium technology
      • Magnesium-enriched drinking water enhances the full aroma of tea and coffee
      • Gives a particularly natural, balanced and fresh flavour
      • Fine filter retains particles
      • Granulate activated carbon - removes impurities
      • Ion exchanger removes calcium and heavy metals
      • Fine filter prevents the discharge of particles into the filtered water
      • Fits all standard oval-shaped filter systems
      • Pack of 4
      • Dimensions : 209 x 123 x 124 (mm)
      • Weight: 0.57 (Kg)

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