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The rich aroma of roasted coffee fills the air- it instantly uplifts your mood and exudes seriously taste of life. To continue the great success of The Coffee Agenda in March, we proudly announce that The Coffee Agenda sequel will come back for 3 days from 21st September to 23rd September at PMQ for all coffee lovers to indulge in an artisan coffee culture. This is our first time to collaborate with a local coffee magazine, Coffeeder. Besides, best coffee shops in Japan, Taiwan and Macau and 15 popular local brands are invited to take part. You may enjoy a cup of freshly brewed coffee and bring their own roasted coffee beans home. Every cup of coffee has a story behind. Sip a coffee, immerse in a heady coffee scent and listen to their fascinating brand stories.

Under the influence of the ‘Third Wave Coffee’, the global speciality cafes and roasters rise as coffee is no longer considered as a commodity- it’s an artisan, a taste and an attitude of life. As coffee shops have their own desire and standard on the quality, they roast their own special beans and acquire professional coffee brewing skills from the perfect water temperature to the ideal grinds and to a decent coffee making so everyone can taste real coffee. Therefore, The Coffee Agenda not only has called more than 20 local and overseas coffee shops but also invite you to go on a coffee tasting at the market to find and explore your best cup. Another fun part about this coffee tasting is deciding how you spend at the market. Spend and collect ‘miles’ in the market to redeem gifts. It wouldn’t take you long to reach exciting rewards. There will be a coffee accessories showcase, workshops, sharing sessions and so more in the market. This is an irresistible coffee wave blooming to PMQ. Sip a fine coffee and be surrounded by the overwhelming aroma. This would be the best hideaway from the hustle you never ever have!

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