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PMQ Coffee Agenda 咖啡生活市集 2019

Updated: Apr 25, 2019


「PMQ Coffee Agenda咖啡生活市集」將於復活節假期4月19至22日載譽歸來,此次市集與本地咖啡媒體啡聞Coffeeder再度合作,邀請日本、台灣以及城中優異出眾的咖啡師,其中包括多位世界咖啡賽事的冠軍及評審,帶來咖啡的匠心滋味;也透過多元的工作坊和互動體驗,力求將不同的咖啡故事、知識及文化,分享給城中各位愛啡人。


"PMQ Coffee Agenda" is back on 19th to 22nd April during the Easter Holiday! This spring, diverse outstanding local and overseas baristas from Japan and Taiwan, including judges and champions of the world coffee competitions, are invited to present their conventional, brewing techniques and ingenuity of coffee. There will also be plenty of refreshing coffee interactive experiences to be held, sharing with you the remarkable stories, particular coffee knowledge and culture!

Starting from seed to raw beans, planting to brewing skills, every involves in making a cup of coffee is interrelated, affecting the quality of the final product. In which, we believe in the power of connection having exquisite senses, being persistent on quality control, and the affinity for service; all these are critical to process “from seed to cup”.

Come to PMQ and enjoy your coffee with unlimited flavor and possibilities!

【PMQ Coffee Agenda | 咖啡生活市集】 2019.4.19-22

日期和時間 Time & Date:

2019.4.19 | 14:00-20:00 2019.4.20 - 22 | 12:00-20:00

地點 Venue:

Courtyard & Marketplace, G/F PMQ, 35 Aberdeen Street, Central, Hong Kong

主辦Presented by: PMQ 元創方 協辦Co-organized by: 啡聞Coffeeder 活動夥伴Programme Partner: PMQ Taste Library 味道圖書館, MOViE MOViE by (Now TV ch116), 竇啡 Fei-Dou 咖啡機贊助Coffee Appliance Sponsor: WPM coffee Lab 贊助 Plant-based milk Sponsor: Oatly Fresh Milk sponsor: O'Lait, Foodgears Coffee & Beverage

免費入場Free Admission

欲知詳情,請留意我們的更新! Stay tuned for more details.

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